City For All National Programme (CFA)

Funding from              EU (EUR27.3); USAID (US$32.8m)

Total Budget                US$63.2m

Duration                       2015-2021

Implemented by         UN-Habitat

Partners                        MUDH, ARAZI, IDLG/DMM, KM

The “City for All” Programme reflects the Government of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan´s (GoIRA) commitment to implement the New Urban Agenda in all its five pillars: Development of a National Urban Policy, Urban Rules and Regulations, Urban Planning and Design, Urban Economy and Municipal Finances, and Local Implementation. The programme is being implemented in 12 cities in Afghanistan.

The City for All programme is underpinned by the fact that improved urban development for state building and peace-building requires three fundamental components: (i) effective land management, (ii) strategic urban planning, and (iii) improved municipal finance systems including revenue management.

CFA is working with the national government, municipalities and local communities to survey urban properties, to develop regulations for registration of urban informal properties, and to produce municipal and district (local) level strategic action plans. CFA is also assisting municipalities to collect municipal services fees. This will increase revenues to fund the implementation of the strategic plans through participatory processes.

Through the City for All programme, the Afghan government aims at registering more than 1 million properties and enhancing tenure security for more than 5 million urban residents through the issuance of occupancy certificates. The programme will also expand access to basic services for 2.8 million citizens through the implementation of service delivery and infrastructure projects.

The CFA project is mostly aligned with the target of SDG 11.1, 11.7.2, and 11.a. 


440,000 properties surveyed in 8 municipalities

3 Strategic Municipal Action Plans Completed

34,000 properties invoiced for municipal service charges fees worth US$ 2 million; 8,000 properties paid US$ 500,000 in fees